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Green India Polymers is a world without waste, where resources are used sustainably. Green India Polymers trust in firm evaluation in all steps of flakes production. We believe that a business cannot flourish without a loyal customer base. Consumer fulfillment is always our prior determination both in domestic & international markets.

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Your Unrivaled PET Partner in Middle East and South East Asia

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Our Mission

Green India Polymer is an emerging global marketing, distribution and project development company in the field of PET flakes, that brings value to the world's leading manufacturers and users of petrochemical products through tailored business solutions.

Primary Focus on Efficiency

We create value through resource management by maximizing our relationship with local scrapyards, suppliers, shippers, and arranging the freight and logistics We are extremely attentive because we are aware that if Green India Polymers is to become a universal pioneer, we should be able to archaic with the best.

If you are in Asia, your best choice is     reen India Polymer

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Our Core Values

The core values of Green India Polymers are environmental responsibility, sustainability, and profitability. Through these values, we are dedicated to ensuring the longevity of our business and helping your foster the longevity of your business.