About Our Company

Green India Polymer is a global marketing and distribution company that brings value to the world’s leading producers and users of plastics and chemicals through the supply of best in class products and tailored business solutions.

Green India Polymers is an emerging brand in the PET industry with a potential for growth and farsighted-ness, where Green India Polymer has set targets on track into becoming one of the world’s largest plastics and chemicals marketing and distribution companies. The company currently has over 3 offices in 3 countries with sales and distribution in excess of 15 countries.

Green India Polymers envisions a truly global commercial footprint while providing customers and partners the local intimacy they require and value. At the core of our business is our strict adherence to international compliance standards, guidance from visionary and experienced on-board members and Green India Polymer’s business ethics and code of conduct policy.

Our Most Popular Products

Bottle / Sheet Grade
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White Flakes

Pet is opaque & white

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Bottle / Sheet Grade
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Green Flakes

Premium quality flakes

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Bottle / Sheet Grade
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Brown Flakes

Polyethylene terephthalate

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Your Unrivaled PET Partner in Middle East and South East Asia

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Distribution Centres

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Manufacturing PET and
Turnkey Solutions

At Green Polymer India Plastic success lies in converting the available Scrap to best end use as per application. We are an independent Indian company, led by a strong vision oriented and performance driven management team, that is focused on manufacturing, assembling and supplying of special and custom-made orders for PET Flakes and granules.

International Trade

Green Polymer India currently present in over 10+ countries and territories. In a short period of operation time, our business unit has gained a considerable amount of customers support and plans to increase it more in the future with help of its quality products and our product goes through various rigorous quality checks to meet international quality standards.

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Starting The Green Initiative

We at Green Polymer India believes that adoption of the green initiative is a fundamental principal in relationship among companies that have the work atmosphere in plastic recycling and management.

Our primary aim of this facility is enhance and promote the green initiatives processes like recycling and reusing of plastic and PET materials in the packaging supply chain industry to decrease the adverse affects the environmental, economic and operational outcomes of companies participating in this chain, and to alter the perception of professionals who work in these companies.